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 My approach to photography is greatly informed by my background in painting and I use various techniques to blur detail and abstract shapes in the landscape. My work straddles different genres and disciplines as I push away at boundaries in the search for my voice.

I build up layers in my camera and so my workflow is an instinctive, stream of consciousness ramble through shape and colour, light and shade, rhythm and flow and unbridled imagination. Each decision I make is predicated on the result of the last - it is largely a freeform approach - shepherded improvisation perhaps. It is a totally immersive process where the possibilities are seemingly limitless and boundaries need to be found. 

 Influences come from the worlds of Abstract Expressionism and Surrealism. The relationships between and emotions evoked, by colour and form. Beyond that, I am interested in all manner of contrasts and contradictions and how they play out in the world around us.

I have been fortunate to have been tutored by some highly talented and inspirational professionals, most notably Jay Maisel and the time spent with him and his impressive array of guest speakers in New York continues to influence the way I approach my work.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.

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"Bailey’s technique is the perfect combination of using modern technology and traditional techniques to create an eye-catching, interesting piece" The Boar.Org

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2024 spring -Responding to Light, RUH, Bath
  • 2024 Jan - London Art Fair
  • 2023 Sep -  Responding to Light , DEVON
  • 2023 May - ADORE - Sohn Gallery, Lenox
  • 2022 Nov - CPA, Carmel Juried members show
  • 2022 Nov  - Abstract Rhythm & Blue Notes, Horsebridge, Kent.
  • 2022 Apr - CPA, Carmel. Juried exhibition
  • 2022 Mar - Bosham Gallery, Sussex, solo
  • 2021 Sept - Sohn Fine Art - solo
  • 2021 Sept - Photo London with MMX Gallery
  • 2021 Mar - NYC4PA - first prize - Silent Night
  • 2021 June - San Diego Museum of Art - summer exhibition
  • 2021 Apr - CPA, Carmel. Juried exhibition.
  • 2021 Mar - New York Center for Photographic Art - juried exhibition
  • 2020, Oct - Photo London with MMX Gallery
  • 2020, Jun - PhotoLA with MMX Gallery
  • 2019, Jul - LBIF, New Jersey   (joint)