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Photography Workshops

My tours and workshops are listed at You can also see feedback from those who have participated in previous workshops. 

We are currently in the fortunate position of having our workshops sell out from our mailing list - very rarely do they get advertised on social media. The best way to gain a space is to sign up for the mailing list on our contact us page and specify the locations that interest you.


I invite you to check out our new online and smart device-based creative learning and community app – FYV. 

You can find an introduction and links for a fortnight free trial HERE


A note about prices. As my workload has increased in recent years, the time I have available for my own creative endeavours has become vanishingly small. The prices quoted below are not necessarily what I believe I am worth, rather they represent the value I place on my dwindling free time. Thank you for your understanding.

Although I now undertake a considerable number of workshops with Bailey Chinnery, covering various locations, I still get asked about one to one tuition. I understand that there are many reasons why people might prefer a more personalised approach; obviously time can be spent in a much more targeted way with very individual tuition. I will obviously work with you closely to cover the areas where you feel you need help.

The prices below are based on any location within an hour of my home in East Sussex.  I am happy to travel further afield and I calculate my expenses at £150 per extra hour to cover fuel and other costs (and pro rata for part hours). Weekends are difficult for me, and while I will schedule a workshop on a Saturday or a Sunday if no other possibility exists, family commitments mean I have to price them to take into account arrangements that will need to be made to enable me to get away.

  • Full Day (Week Day) for one person (about 8 hours tuition) – £1200
  • Full Day (weekend) for one person (about 8 hours tuition) – £1400
  • If you would like to team up with a friend for a bespoke day I charge the following:
  • Full day (Week Day) for 2 people – £695 per person
  • Full day (Saturday) for 2 people – £750 per person

The prices above cover tuition and all drinks, snacks, lunch and extensive follow up material. I believe that a review/critique session is vitally important - especially when starting out with multiple exposure/ICM so I like to use some of the time looking at images made and suggesting how they might be edited or improved.

Online Zoom sessions £175 per hour

Any questions, please do not hesitate to email me. I try to answer all emails within 24 hours, but if I am away teaching, it may take a little longer.