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Blossom Blizzard


The fascination with blossom and the metaphorical associations that can be connected with it keep me occupied every spring. Perhaps confetti and blizzards are as far as I can take it. Nonetheless, I don’t think that I will ever tire of the enthusiasm and exuberance with which Mother Nature heralds the end of winter.

There are undoubtedly other, less optimistic and uplifting ways to interpret the lengthening of the days but they have no place in this particular collection of images. Blossom Blizzard claims to be nothing more than a guileless celebration of new life. Individually, so delicate and easily fractured, the petals en-masse rise up in exultant celebration and a show of strength, welcoming in the new season.

These trees are Sussex trees. The exact location escapes me, but no matter. They are represented everywhere in early April - clouds of flying petals in an infinite swirl of blushing pastel.